“The Series 4 has been years in development combining the feedback from professional tilers all over the world with the precise engineering from Sigma. The Series 4 models have been designed to be the most robust, versatile manual cutters available to professional users on the market today. Every part of the Series 4 is new from the Series 3 and is still manufactured in Italy with world wide patents held.  ”

Series 4 manual tile cutters

The Series 4 machines are available in sizes for NEX: 62cm, 76cm, 95cm, 125cm & 155cm. And for UP: 70cm, 84cm & 103cm. All parts are interchangeable & replaceable. A 5yr warranty is given at the time of purchase.

Extensions for guide bars are available in 500mm / 50cm for all models and can be fitted to left or right or the original measuring bar.

NEX Push to score

The NEX Push to score handle has a direct line of sight when scoring along a tile and a 120mm foot. No-Mark protectors, Full carbide scoring wheel with bearings & anti-friction plate, internal suspension for textured surfaces, stainless steel bearings on a ratchet systems auto adjusts to the tile thickness.

A adjustable back measurement guide bar 410mm / 41cm for all models. Slides up and down to fit to tile size.

UP Pull to score

The UP Pull to score handle is based upon the original Sigma system scoring back towards the user instead of pushing away. 100mm breaking foot, 12mm Titanium or Carbide wheel with anti – friction plate, stainless steel bearings on the ratchet system to auto height adjust to the tile thickness.

A swivel measurement bar +45 0 -45 degrees complete with adjustable lateral stop for angled cuts. Measurements for straight and diagonal cuts.

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