“Welcome to Sigma Labs. We offer a full or tailored testing facility to all new and existing account holders. We can supply retailers, contractors and tile manufacturers with a complete solution to testing tiles that will either be specified on site, sold within stores or currently under development. Our tailored testing allows you to focus solely on specific areas for testing be it manual cutting, wet cutting or simple diamond core drilling. We will also provide you with a complete report detailing the results from each test including all positive and negative outcomes backed up with images taken during the test.”

Professional Manual Tile Cutting

Tests can be carried out using a wide range of Sigma professional manual tile cutters applying a variety of score and snap techniques. Our manual cutters can accommodate most tile types ranging in size from 37cm all the way through to 412cm and from 3.5mm to 20mm in thickness.

Professional Electric Tile Saw

Further tests can be made using our range of professional electric tile saws on a variety of tile and stone products from 10mm to 80mm in thickness and with diamond blades that are from 200mm to 300mm close sector, semi segmented or continuous rim surfaces.

Diamond Core Drilling

Core drilling test are carried out using our professional range of dry and wet diamond core drills. Our core heads range in size from 6mm to 75mm and can be used on grinders or drills. We can test the speed of drilling along with the finishing results (surface and biscuit) to obtain the best results possible for each tile type.

If you would like to send samples or require more information regarding our testing services then please call us directly with any request. 

023 9387 7591